A Mission to See People Changed by the Flame

What’s Our Story

We Are PCR

Established in April 2017 after several months of home roasting, Purefi Coffee Roasters is quickly becoming a local treat for the Greater Houston community. With roots in Spring, Texas, Founder Chris “Buddy” Johnson saw the opportunity to pair his love of people with his enthusiasm for coffee. At PCR, we enjoy the people we serve just as much as the coffee we roast. We have made a commitment to using this business as a platform for change, and that’s why our motto here at Purefi Coffee Roasters is changed by the flame.

It’s Always Been About People

Ethically Sourced

There’s specialty grade coffee. And then there’s ethically sourced coffee. We look beyond the quality to find the story and to gain a sense of the impact each farmer’s harvest has on their local community.

Small Batch Roasted

We believe that roasting coffee is an art. After developing a keen understanding of each coffee’s potential, we sample different roast profiles to find the ones suited best for our customers. Being a small batch roaster means having the flexibility to roast coffee just the way you like it and offer it fresh off the roast.

Mission Focused

We believe that life’s fires provide an opportunity for incredible growth and empathy for others, so we strive to be a helping hand in both the local and global communities. Everywhere we go, it is our mission to see people changed by the flame.

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You will never have to worry about running out of coffee ever again with our Subscription service.  Choose one of our Subscription options when adding your premium coffee selection, and we will have fresh roasted coffee delivered exactly when you want it.

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From events, pop-up markets, and cupping sessions, to coffee programs, wholesaling, and private labeling, Purefi Coffee Roasters offers a variety of options for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, businesses, churches, event planners, and teams to experience specialty coffee in whatever capacity they choose.

Just outline your needs, and we'll help to craft the coffee experience you seek.