Updates from January 2019

by | Jan 23, 2019 | News

Greetings here from Purefi Coffee Roasters!

The holidays were a busy time for us, and after a bit of a break, we started the new year with a bang…and a new status.


First, help us congratulate our head roaster and owner Chris “Buddy” Johnson for stepping into a full-time role with the company. Chris has busily built up the business alongside his full-time job for over a year and a half now. Although it was a tough decision, he truly believes in the vision of creating and connecting community through coffee, as coffee provides the perfect conduit for conversation. So if you see him or talk to him, help us congratulate him on this important milestone.

The next order of business is our roastery. Our floor layout has been approved for the necessary permits, and we are currently reviewing our lease agreement. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were to get the physical address of the roaster, with the unity and building number included. It seems like such a small thing, but we’ve been dreaming and working toward this goal since we started the business. Once the lease agreement is finalized and signed, we look forward to starting the buildout. So make sure you check our Instagram and Facebook pages for more updates throughout the process.

Finally, we’re hoping, now that we have more time to dedicate to it, to find different ways to add value to you, our fellow coffee drinkers. One of the main ways that we want to add value is by making our coffee available to purchase online. So, as we grow this year, we’ll be offering our menu of coffee selections on this website. We’ll also look at adding more merchandise, like brewing equipment and coffee mugs with our logo on them. On the blog, we look forward to keeping you updated not only on what we have coming up, but also sharing the stories of our producers, importers, partners, and so many more in the coffee chain. We’ll educate you on all things coffee and have fun doing it.

So thanks for joining us on this journey! We love having you aboard!