Welcome to Puréfi Coffee Roasters, a local specialty coffee roaster operating in Spring, Texas. We’re a passionate team of coffee enthusiasts ready to make specialty coffee convenient. Our mission is to spread pure goodness in our local and global community, bridging the gap between the third-world conditions of coffee farmers to the first-world luxuries of outstanding coffee.

Puréfi Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of owner, Chris Johnson, who has a passion for people and saw coffee as a way to open up conversation. He began experimenting with home roasting, as his passion quickly grew in enthusiasm. Not only does the coffee excite him, but the community does as well. By April 2017, Chris launched Puréfi Coffee Roasters as a specialty coffee roaster, roasting to order fresh each week and delivering local orders to family, friends, and neighbors.

Today, Puréfi Coffee Roasters is experiencing growth and expansion, with a bright future and so much on the horizon. Our next phase includes moving into an essential space to accommodate brand new roaster that will be arriving soon, while finalizing plans and breaking ground on the roastery. We’re excited about offering a new collection of coffees that will be geared towards cafés and businesses, which open up a world of opportunities for our customers.

With the success we’ve had, we remain in a perpetual state of humility. We endeavor to be impactful givers, collecting $1 from each retail bag sold and a portion of all wholesale revenue, to donate these funds to local and global charities and organizations, impacting our communities for good.

Our hope is to lead, to help, and to spread pure goodness through the pursuit of a delicious and unique cup of coffee.

For more information, please visit our website at www.pureficoffee.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @pureficoffeeroasters.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to bringing you alongside our expedition in the world of specialty coffee.