It’s All About the People



Rooted in the life experiences of our founder Chris Johnson, Purefi Coffee Roasters aims to prepare and build up the next generation of men through the roasting and serving of exceptional specialty coffee.


Every coffee we source has to be first TRACEABLE. We want to know exactly where it comes from, the family and people who worked so hard to produce the crop, and the community that is benefiting from the harvest and production of that particular coffee.



We also want all of our coffee purchases to be TRANSPARENT. We care about how ALL people involved in the process are compensated and treated. We don’t only buy coffee that is tasty. Tastiness must be accompanied by fair treatment of these hard workers. There is so much that goes into that delicious cup of coffee and we want all of that information to be available to us and our community: the varietals, the elevations, the challenges, the stories, and much more.



Lastly, we only buy coffee that presents the opportunity for us to have a TANGIBLE presence at that particular coffee farm. We aim to visit all of our partners at origin, become a part of their community, and see how we can be a helping hand to improve the quality of their lives.

It’s Always Been About The People

Mission Focused

We believe that life’s fires provide an opportunity for incredible growth and empathy for others, so we strive to be a helping hand in both the local and global communities. Everywhere we go, it is our mission to see people changed by the flame.

Staying Agile

We are committed to remaining a small batch coffee roasting company, no matter how large we grow. We believe this commitment allows for a higher quality coffee product, flexibility on interesting coffee offerings and projects, and superior freshness in every option. If our coffee isn’t good, then our impact will be small, and that’s not acceptable! Great coffee equals an even greater impact.

Mentoring Youth

We use the roasting and service of specialty coffee to hire and mentor young men in the Spring/Klein area. Purefi’s leadership and mentorship team utilize every moment to teach these young men we hire what it means to have PURPOSE, how to execute with PRECISION, and hopefully awaken a lifelong PASSION in their hearts.

Making A Global Impact

We also take 7% of ALL revenue generated on our blends to provide financial support to 3 organizations. The Rise + Shine blend is connected to Arise Global, currently focusing their energy and efforts towards serving the people of Ethiopia in East Africa. The Agape blend is connected to Dominick Principe, leader of a church in San Jose, Costa Rica called Iglesia Ministerios de Gracia Mayor. The Shift blend is connected to Angel Reach in Conroe, TX, a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps children and youth between the ages of 16-24 achieve their full potential in spite of the obstacles placed on them by broken families and a broken system. We firmly believe that these three initiatives enrich the world we live in, and we are honored to be ongoing partners in their efforts.

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